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San Francisco Walmart Injury

If you have injuries from a slip and fall, unsafe shelf, parking lot accident, violent person, animal attack, collapsing structures, or another hazard in a San Francisco Walmart, contact us. The Law Offices of Howard Kitay want to help you obtain financial recovery from this big box store. You need legal representation to even the playing field between you and Walmart. Start here, call (877)442-0542 and speak to a San Francisco Walmart injury lawyer.

Walmart sees almost 265 million customers in its 11,200 stores per week. There are Walmart stores in 27 countries. San Francisco Walmart is one of the hundreds in the state of California alone. Shopping at the world’s largest retailer might be the best way to save money – but how safe are you while you shop? Walmart has a reputation for messy, cluttered, and unsafe premises.

How Can Our San Francisco Walmart Injury Lawyers Help You?

Our founder, Howard Kitay, got into the personal injury field out of a desire to help other people. He wanted to use his legal knowledge to change the lives of injured victims and loved ones of the deceased after tragic, preventable accidents. Mr. Kitay knows from experience that preventing a serious personal injury only takes a reasonable level of care and prudence. It is when big box stores pinch pennies and become negligent that customer and employee injuries happen. He wants to bring these stores to justice.

When you choose the Law Offices of Howard Kitay to represent your San Francisco Walmart injury case, you gain access to a wealth of experience, tools, and a large legal network in the region. We’ll take over your claim right away, allowing you to focus on yourself and your family during this difficult time. Our San Francisco Walmart injury lawyers will collect evidence, file your claim within the state’s three-year deadline, and fight against Walmart in pursuit of full compensation. We know what steps to take toward financial recovery, while you recover physically.

Who Is Liable for Your Walmart Injury?

In most cases, Walmart is liable, or legally responsible, for accidents and injuries that occur on its premises. When a shopper or associate suffers an injury in a Walmart store or parking lot, investigators will ask whether the corporation should have done something more to prevent the accident. If another Walmart store manager or property owner would have acted differently and prevented the injury, the company may be liable for damages.

Damages can include:

  • Medical bills. Seek recovery for your injury-related medical bills – both the costs you’ve already incurred and the expenses you may have in the future.
  • Lost wages. Recover the income you lost while taking off time from work to recover from your Walmart injury.
  • Lost future earning capacity. If your Walmart injury caused a disability, request compensation for the difference between what you used to earn and what you can now earn with your limited capabilities.
  • Pain and suffering. Many personal injury accidents cause the victim and his/her family physical pain, emotional distress, suffering, and mental anguish –, especially in fatal accidents. The California courts permit recovery for these intangible damages.

Walmart knows how to escape liability for accidents that happen in its stores and parking lots. It’s key to hire a lawyer to represent your claim. Otherwise, your case will likely end with Walmart denying a settlement. Don’t let Walmart or any big box store get away with denying accident victims fair recovery. Seek justice and restitution with our assistance.

Call (877)442-0542 Today For A Free Consultation!

The Law Offices of Howard Kitay can help with your San Francisco Walmart injury claim. No matter what type of accident or injuries you suffered, discuss your case with one of our attorneys for free. You can learn the value of your case and what we believe you should do next during a confidential, no-cost consultation. Your brighter future starts now. Contact us for more information about your individual case.

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