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Walmart Premises Liability Lawyer

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability deals with injuries caused by a property owner’s failure to maintain his property or to warn visitors of hazards. At the Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay, we handle a vast array of premises liability cases, but focus upon cases that have occurred at Walmart stores throughout the nation. Common premises liability cases include slip and fall accidents, construction accidents that harm visitors, and assaults that occur because the property has inadequate security measures.

Land and Building Owners’ Responsibility

Land and building owners and people who rent space have an obligation to keep that land safe. The owner or manager of a property is required to maintain the area in order to provide a safe environment for any person who visits the property. This obligation exists at a public store like Walmart.

When there are dangers to individuals who visit a Walmart business and an injury is the result, such as slip and fall accidents due to wet or slippery floors, or trip and fall accidents on uneven walking surfaces, the responsible party may be required to pay for damages suffered by the victim. These injuries are covered under premises liability law and give you the right to sue Walmart if you go into their stores and slip and fall. These cases take careful documentation, and as the walking hazard may be quickly repaired or cleaned up after any accident, it is important to contact a Walmart premises liability attorney as quickly as possible after the accident.

What Does It Mean to Be an “Invitee” at a Walmart Store?

When visitors and guests enter a Walmart store they are considered “invitees.” An invitee means that you are an invited guest to do business with the store. This means that you are entitled to the highest level of protection under premises liability law. To impose liability for injuries suffered by an invitee due to a defective condition of the premises, the owner or occupier must have either actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition or have been able by the exercise of ordinary care to discover the condition, which if known to him/her, he/she should realize as involving unreasonable risk to invitees on his/her premises.

Proving Damages in a Premises Liability Case:

  • That the injury was caused by a specific act of the respondent which created the dangerous condition; or
  • That the respondent had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition and failed to remedy it.

Contact a Walmart Premises Liability Accident Attorney Today

If you have been injured from a premises liability accident while visiting a Walmart, you should consult with an experienced Walmart premises liability attorney. When clients choose to work with our premises liability law firm, they can be assured that they will receive the advice, resources, and dedication they deserve.

With over two decades of extensive litigation experience, top personal injury Kitay has the skills needed to make your case a success. If you or a loved one has been injured in a premises liability accident at a Walmart store contact our office today at (877) 442-0542 for a free consultation.

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