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San Diego Walmart Injury

Injured at a San Diego Walmart? Our California Walmart accident lawyers can help. We’ll discuss your case with you for free during an in-depth conversation with one of our lead San Diego Walmart injury lawyers. Our firm has experience handling personal injury claims against Walmart and other big box stores in San Diego. We have what you need for the strongest possible case and excellent results. Contact The Law Offices of Howard Kitay for a free injury consultation.

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. The enormous brand currently has more than 11,200 store locations in 27 different countries. It employs 2.2 million associates and caters to almost 265 million customers per week. Walmart may master the retail industry, but it’s not always the safest place for customers and employees. Walmart can be the setting of slip and fall accidents, acts of violence, struck-by objects, and more.

Why Choose Us?

At The Law Offices of Howard Kitay, we know exceptional legal representation. We put our clients first in everything we do, for truly personalized legal services. From your initial consultation at our San Diego law office, where you’ll meet in-person with a lead San Diego Walmart injury attorney, you’ll recognize what sets us apart. We bring a personal touch to personal injury. Tailoring our legal services for each unique premises liability claim helps us achieve outstanding results. See what our past clients have had to say about us.

Our founding member, San Diego Walmart injury Attorney Howard Kitay, has represented accident victims in San Diego since 1989. He is passionate about going up against major insurance companies in pursuit of compensation for injured victims. When it comes to claims against Walmart and other large corporations, he and his team stop at nothing to obtain justice. Mr. Kitay fights aggressively against insurance companies and others who try to unfairly deny victims compensation. He believes every accident victim should have his or her day in court. Contact us to find out how we can help you after a San Diego Walmart injury.

Common San Diego Walmart Accidents and Injuries

Understanding the most common San Diego Walmart injuries can help you determine whether you have a personal injury claim in California. While not every victim of the following accidents will have grounds for a claim against Walmart, you might if you can prove that the company or one of its employees caused your injuries, or at least failed to prevent them.

Three of the most common accidents that happen at Walmart locations are as follows:

  1. Slip and falls. Slip, trip, and fall accidents can happen when items clutter aisleways, floors are too slippery, or employees don’t clean debris fast enough. Slip and falls are the most common type of premises liability claim. They can cause wrist and hip fractures, back and neck injuries, and head/brain injuries.
  2. Items falling from shelves. Shopping in Walmart can turn dangerous when employees fail to safely stock the shelves. Shelves piled high with items, improperly built shelving units, or lack of signs warning customers to ask for help with higher items can all result in struck-by-object accidents and head injuries.
  3. Parking lot accidents. Walmart parking lots may not have proper lighting, security measures, or a safe enough layout for drivers and shoppers. This can lead to car accidents and criminal acts on Walmart property. The company may be liable for negligent security and/or improper property maintenance.

Contact our San Diego Walmart injury attorneys no matter what type of accident or injury you recently suffered at a San Diego Walmart. We know the list of possible accidents is long, and every case is unique. If you don’t see your exact accident listed here, give us a call so we can hear what happened. We want to help you with the recovery process from start to finish.

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