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Sacramento Walmart Injury

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Injured at a Sacramento Walmart? Our Sacramento Walmart injury lawyers can help. Contact a California Walmart accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Howard Kitay for a free case review. We understand these complex cases and can expedite the claims process as much as possible. Our lawyers have the experience you need to build a strong, successful case. Let us obtain the financial compensation you deserve. The Law Offices of Howard Kitay urges you to discuss your Walmart injury claim with a Sacramento Walmart injury attorney. We’ll help you explore your rights and options moving forward. Call (619) 432-4064 today or contact us online.

When a Walmart shopping trip turns into a trip to the hospital, explore your rights as an injured guest. Walmart has legal obligations to keep its employees and customers reasonably safe from harm. These include checking the property for hazards, making repairs, and warning of known hazards (e.g. wet floors after mopping). Failure to fulfill these duties, resulting in personal injuries, could give the victim grounds for a lawsuit.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest of Sacramento?

Sacramento Walmart injury attorney Howard Kitay has been in the personal injury practice since 1989. In his years of experience, he’s confidently gone up against large corporations and their insurance companies and recovered millions of dollars for his clients. He and his team believe in preparation. They prepare cases and clients as if they were going to trial, even though most cases settle without a day in court. This preparation can position the case best for maximum recovery.

Don’t trust just any law firm with a case against Walmart. The world’s largest retailer has plenty of attorneys and counselors to protect it from liability. You need aggressive, experienced Sacramento Walmart injury attorneys with the time and resources to expand on your case. We personalize our legal services for each client to ensure the best possible results for the individual. We see the person behind the personal injury claim and want to do our part to help.

How to File a Claim Against Walmart?

Walmart faces around 5,000 lawsuits every year. A few common accidents that lead to lawsuits are slip and falls, falling objects, parking lot accidents, criminal activity, stairwell accidents, and trampling incidents. Customers and employees have sustained cuts, bruises, sprains, fractures, spine injuries, and head injuries in Walmart. If you recently suffered an injury at a Sacramento Walmart, act fast. Take the following steps to begin your claim:

  1. Report the accident. Tell a manager about your accident and injuries right away. Otherwise, the store could allege that your injuries happened elsewhere. Take photos of any relevant evidence, such as the puddle of water you slipped on, and of your injuries. Go to the hospital and keep copies of medical reports.
  2. Build your case. Many Walmart injury cases in Sacramento successfully settle with claims representatives instead of needing to go to court. However, Walmart is notorious for refusing to settle injury claims. You may need a personal injury lawsuit to obtain fair compensation. Start building your case as soon as possible.
  3. Contact our law offices. Our Sacramento Walmart injury attorneys can immediately take over your case, gathering evidence and submitting claim forms to the proper parties. We’ll evaluate your case, find out what we think it’s worth, then fight for a full recovery in or out of the courtroom. We aren’t afraid to go up against Walmart and other big box stores in Sacramento.

An injury at Walmart isn’t the end of your story – it’s just the beginning. With our help, you could obtain financial recovery for your past and future medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. We know a settlement or verdict won’t resolve all your difficulties, but it can provide financial stability while you focus on healing from your injuries.

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