Walmart Injury Lawsuit Lawyer


Wal Mart is the world's largest retail corporation. The company uses competitive and low prices as well as marketing campaign's to attract its customers. Consumers shop at Wal Mart because of these low prices, the large selection, and the locations. With the high volume of business that Wal Mart does on a daily basis and the number of customers that shop within its stores, its no wonder that shoppers are occasionally injured. Often times these injuries may be the result of negligence by Wal Mart employees, perhaps from stacking shelves too high and allowing merchandise to fall and injure customers, not promptly cleaning spilled liquids on the floor where a customer can slip and fall, or numerous other potentially unsafe practices that can cause serious injury to Wal Mart customers.


Wal Mart has a responsibility to protect customers from dangerous conditions. Premises liability accidents happen every day in Wal Mart stores. Numerous people incur painful injuries from slipping or tripping while shopping at Wal Mart. Other types of accidents that occur include accidents in parking lots, falling merchandise, assaults, and security negligence. When these negligent accidents occur, people stand a great chance of sustaining serious, even life threatening injuries that could cost them greatly. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Wal mart store our experienced Wal Mart injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay can help you receive the compensation you deserve and are entitled to under the law.


If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury at a Wal Mart store, you are probably overwhelmed with disruptions to your life and adjustments that have to be made. On top of physical pain and the challenges of rehabilitation and treatment, the financial strain of medical bills and the inability to work are likely to adversely affect you and your family. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay may be able to help you recover monetary damages and get help with your other needs. Contact our office today at (877) 442-0542 for a free legal consultation.


The Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay provides over two decades of litigation experience in Wal Mart accident cases. Our attorneys provide knowledgeable, caring legal representation to those who have been injured in a Wal Mart accident. Our aggressive personal injury attorneys have what it takes to take on even the largest of corporations, such as Wal Mart.


After a Wal Mart accident, you may be entitled to collect damages. If the premises owner, in this case, Wal Mart, fails in their duty to make the store safe, and you can prove their breach was the direct cause of your injuries, you may be able to sue and collect damages. Damages may include:


  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress


Seeking help from an experienced personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay will provide you with the legal advice that you would need regarding every aspect of your complex case. Our attorneys will be able to interpret the law. Premises liability cases regardless of the nature of the case can become complicated with all the necessary legal procedures, and it is best that you have the advice of someone who knows every aspect of the law in this regard. Over the years our firm has helped our clients recover millions of dollars in compensation. At the Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay, our policy is that if we don't win your case, you won't pay anything. Contact us today at (877) 442-0542 for a free initial consultation.