If you were injured while shopping at Walmart, you are not alone.
Each year thousands of people are injured at Walmart stores around the country.
Whether from a fall from wet floors, items falling off the shelves or just being injured
while on the Walmart premises, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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Types of Walmart Injury Cases

Shoulder Injuries

This includes rotator cuff tears, torn labrums, broken bones or other injuries requiring surgery.

Herniated Disks

If you have a herniated disc from a Walmart injury, you may have a case.

Broken Bones

If you suffered a broken arm, wrist, finger, leg, etc. as the result of being injured on Walmart premises, contact us right away.

Head Injuries

If you were injured from a falling object from a Walmart shelf and it caused a serious injury, you may have a case.

Ankle or Leg Injuries

If you broke an ankle or leg as the result of a fall at Walmart, you may have a case against them.

Other Injuries

If you suffered any kind of injury that resulted in medical bills that you can't afford to pay all stemming from a Walmart injury, contact us.

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