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Texas Walmart Accident Attorney

The Walmart corporation is very evident throughout the State of Texas and Walmart stores are located throughout. As of October 31, 2011, Walmart’s presence in Texas included 316 supercenters, 32 discount stores, 34 neighborhood markets, 73 Sam’s Clubs, and 16 distribution centers. The total number of Walmart associates in Texas is 152,902. Many Texans like to shop at Walmart and unfortunately, because of the high traffic, many accidents do occur at Texas Walmart stores.

Which Types of Accidents is Walmart Liable For?

Walmart stores can be dangerous places. The combination of food and household products – liquids, gels, jellies, oils, soaps, and the like, and hard tile floors can create hazardous conditions that are often impossible to detect until it’s too late. In Texas, the law says that businesses are not responsible for every accident that takes place on their premises, but only some accidents. Those situations are:

  • The employees of the business knew about the dangerous condition that caused the accident
  • The employees should have known about the dangerous condition

The failure to properly maintain the premises of a Walmart, can create serious hazards for customers, children and passerby. If you or someone you love has recently suffered a fall or other injury while in a Texas Walmart, remember that you may be eligible for significant compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, or long-term care needs.

Most Common Types of Hazards at Walmart

Walmart stores are full of potential hazards that can cause serious slip and fall and other accidents. Among the most common types of hazards that Walmart stores are responsible for avoiding are the following:

  • Slippery liquids spilled on the floor
  • Recently mopped areas without prominent warnings
  • Improperly stacked items falling on customers
  • Small items such as grapes falling on the floor
  • Leaky refrigerator and freezer cases
  • Spraying of produce without adequate mats on the floor

It is not reasonable to expect customers to constantly be on the lookout for these sorts of conditions. It is, however, reasonable to expect managers, who have to deal with these conditions on a daily basis, to guard against falls and other accidents by cleaning up messes and posting large warning signs.

Premises Liability Claim

When a visitor is seriously injured due to an unsafe condition on the property of a Walmart, the injured person may seek financial compensation, either through negotiation with Walmart and its insurance company, or by making a formal legal claim.

This concept of commercial property owners’ legal responsibility for the safety of visitors is known as “premises liability.” The most well known-type of accident that leads to a premises liability lawsuit is a slip and fall case. Other common Walmart accidents include falls due to improperly maintained aisles, broken stair handrails or escalators, and trips in parking lots. Injuries and assaults can also occur at Walmart stores when there is inadequate security or insufficient lighting.

How Howard Kitay Can Help

At the Law Offices of Howard Alan Kitay, our attorneys will take a strategic approach to collect and preserve all relevant evidence for your claim. We will aggressively pursue your rightful recovery for injuries caused by negligent maintenance.

After you or a loved one experience a Texas Walmart accident, you’ll want the best legal representation possible in order to be fully compensated for the damages that you and your family have incurred. Contact a Texas Walmart accident attorney today at (877) 442-0542.

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